How To Sleeve A Wire | Sheathing | Expandable Braid & Heat Shrink [FREE LESSON]

Sheathing is both an aesthetically pleasing and functional material used in harness construction.

This is just one small piece of knowledge from a detailed course.

Sheathing, or sleeving, offers protection from abrasion and keeps your wires safely bundled together. From an aesthetical point of view a tidily sleeved loom/harness with logical branches and transitions is great also simply great to see and an organised engine bay is always easier to work on and quicker to find and fix faults/issues in.

Today Zac is going to run you through two sheathing options which are expandable braid and heat shrink.

In addition to learning about these two options and how to implement them, you will learn of some of the other factors you need to consider when choosing your material including heat and fully if you need a fully sealed loom.

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