HPA Labs Build: Initial Tour

There has been a lot happening around HPA lately and we have some exciting news that we wanted to share with you. We can finally announce that we have secured our own premises for our new dedicated facility - 'HPA Labs’. 

After much consideration, we decided to relocate HPA (as well as our entire lives) to Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand. Most people around the world who know anything about New Zealand will have heard of Queenstown as it is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful spots in the country, as well as being our adventure tourism capital.

The decision to move to Queenstown was based on 3 motivations:

1. Queenstown is a motorsport meca, with a world class race track, off roading and jet boating all just a stones throw from our door. This gives us plenty of opportunity to get our hands dirty and create unique and interesting content to share with you, our audience.

2. Being an online company, we are obviously reliant on good quality internet. Queenstown offers high speed broadband which will let us do our job faster. This means tuning webinar lessons will be available much sooner after they are shot for those who missed out on the live version.

3. We also look forward to the lifestyle offered by this part of NZ. With world class ski fields, lakes, hunting, fishing, and mountain biking, we will be making the most of our time outside of the Labs.

I have also finalised the sale of my tuning business and will be able to put 100% of my energy into HPA. For you this means more tuning courses, more tuning webinars, more tech articles and more blog posts. We are also excited to announce that we will be adding a Mainline Chassis Dyno and Engine Dyno which will allow us to fast track our 'remote dyno tuning' facility.

We still have a lot of work ahead with a full fit out in the new building, but we will keep you in the loop as this progresses. Follow our blog for progress as the new workshop takes shape  

HPA labs high performance academy 13

The smaller roller door to the left leads to the dyno bay and the big roller leads to the workshop.

HPA labs high performance academy 5

The chassis dyno bay.

HPA labs high performance academy 6

The engine dyno room.

HPA labs high performance academy 4

The old pantry which will be converted into a video editing suite and dyno control room.

HPA labs high performance academy 8

Our current office setup.

HPA labs high performance academy 7

The 'blank canvas' awaiting a hoist and studio.

HPA labs high performance academy 11

The backyard needs a bit of love too.

HPA labs high performance academy 2

For the last week we have been camping out on airbeds until our furniture arrives.

HPA labs high performance academy 1


  • James Beall's profile image
    Yeah, no kidding...cough cough re-offer the VIP package cough cough...looking forward to the progress!
    - bealljk USA
    5 years ago
  • Ben Silcock's profile image
    You are dead right Marek. We are super serious! We accept credit card and cheque ;)
    - Ben.Silcock New Zealand
    5 years ago
  • Marek Skopinski's profile image
    Wow... you guys aren't screwing around. When can i buy shares in the company??
    - Marek0086 Australia
    5 years ago