If You're Doing This, You're Driving Too Slow

3 quick tips to make you a faster, better and safer driver on track from professional driver Andrew Waite. And YES, this knowledge also applied to you sim racers!

It seems like such an obvious thing, but driver vision is such a common area that people make common mistakes in regard to. Luckily it is also a super simple aspect of your driving skillset to identify issues in, and improve on to make sure you hit your marks on track.

Looking ahead is no doubt something you will be aware of if you're a keen motorcycle rider, but outside of that training, it's not something often mentioned elsewhere. Looking ahead through corners to where you are going to be is absolutely going to help you ensure your car is always in the right position at the right time instead of playing catch up.

If you can look down at your gauges and to check your speed or pressures etc mid corner, you are not going fast enough. Another common mistake made is for people to keep close track of their speed through a corner visually via instrumentation. This is not a natural ability that only you can muster, this is you driving far too slowly. Forgot about the data on track and check your performance via your data logger and data analysis knowledge once you are off the track.

Lastly, if you think the only window in your car you need while on track is your windshield, there is no way you can fix the first mistake we covered which is looking ahead, In a tight hairpin you will have to look 'through' or even past you A pillar and out the side to maximise your vision. Give it a try next track session, you will notice the difference, we promise.

0:00 - Common Vision Mistakes
0:14 - One: Looking Ahead 
0:58 - Two: Looking Down 
1:37 - Three: Use All Your Windows 
2:05 - Summary
2:14 - Go Faster, Learn More.

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