It's So Easy To Get This Wrong | Wiring Harness Branching [#FREELESSON]

...but just a little bit of time and planning makes all the difference.

This is just ONE module taken from a full motorsport wiring course. Link below.

The points where our harness needs to branch tend to be the most complicated sections to construct tidily especially when branch outs are coming from different layers within your loom and heading off in different directions to the main 'trunk'.

0:00 - Branching is Hard, This Is Why
0:21 - Our Aim
0:55 - Between Branches
1:07 - Branch Points
1:23 - 2 Most Common Tasks
1:42 - Branch Example
2:38 - Step One: Gathering Wires
4:28 - Lay-up Design Notes
5:51 - Step Two: Securing Branch Sections
7:07 - Step Three: Branch Orientation and Strain Relief
8:32 - Kapton Tape Flexibility Notes
9:10 - Booting Notes
9:34 - Bare Branch Example Takeaway
10:13 - What's next?

Often, we will strike a situation where a branch will contain wires from multiple different layers of the harness section from which it is branching out of and this can make it difficult to tidily gather those wires together to form our new branch.

Our aim is for all the wires to be able to head off down their required branches without seeing any strain at the branch point.

In this [FREE LESSON] our local motorsport wiring legend and part-time CAN Bus communication aficionado, Zac, is going to run us all through how to accomplish a satisfactory branching point that is tidy, correctly strain relieved and ready for the next stages of your motorsport wiring harness construction.

Check back in a few weeks for a lesson on the booting steps that Zac touched on in this lesson too.

Want to learn more about motorsport wiring? Come along to the next FREE live lesson.


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