Link "Fury" for 6 Cylinder Applications Released

Link have just announced their brand new G4+ ‘Fury’ ECU, which be added to their existing G4+ product range. The Fury fills the gap in their range between the range topping G4+ Xtreme and the G4+ Storm and it is designed specifically with 6 cylinder engines in mind - As such the ECU incorporates 6 ignition drives.

With e-throttle becoming more prevalent, the Fury now includes onboard e-throttle control as a standard feature (this is an optional upgrade on the G4+ Xtreme and requires an external module on the G4+ Storm). One of the major advances with the Fury, is the inclusion of their new on board wideband controller featuring digital control technology. This is the current technology being employed by OEM’s and offers faster and more precise lambda measurement.

In particular Link's wideband controller uses the latest Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor with an internal reference cell to prevent accuracy drifting with ageing. The controller also makes full use of the OEM calibration resistor, avoiding the need for manual ‘free air calibration’ and improving accuracy over a wide range of lambda readings. Digital control and interfacing means there is no loss of signal precision which will offer better accuracy when compared to conventional analogue controllers.

The Fury is expected to be available for purchase within the next two months and pricing is to be advised.


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