Link G4+ Xtreme re-released with additional features

Electronz, NZ-based manufacturer of Link and ViPEC have just announced the release of their updated Black Link G4+ Xtreme ECU. This ECU is Link’s most powerful ECU and with the recent release of the G4+ Fury, Electronz have made some changes to ensure the Xtreme retains it’s top position.

The changes to the new G4+ Xtreme include:

  • Anodised aluminium enclosure
  • Peak & hold injector drivers
  • Mixture map, and dual bank closed loop fuel control (requires external wideband)
  • OBD2 support
  • E-Throttle option now included as standard
  • Closed loop knock control now included as standard
  • 25 channel logging now included as standard
  • User definable CAN support with dual CAN buses

The new Black G4+ Xtreme is priced at $2100 NZD plus (local taxes may be applicable)

Below is a breakdown of the entire G4+ product range along with their expected application:

G4+ Xtreme - Fully enabled high end ECU for up to 8 cylinders / 4 rotor applications - $2100 NZD
G4+ Fury - Supports up to 6 cylinder / 3 rotors with onboard digital wideband and peak & hold injector drives - $2100 NZD
G4+ Storm - Midrange ECU solution for up to 4 cylinder/2 rotor applications - $1613 NZD
G4+ Atom - Entry level ECU for up to 4 cylinder/2 rotor - $899 NZD


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