MoTeC Display Creator Competition

A few months back we let you know about MoTeC's Display Creator software, which lets you take the new C-Series dashes or D-Series displays and design the look and feel, as well as the displayed channels to suit your own requirements. This software allows you to create completely unique layouts that showcase your own individuality, sponsors logos, and completely tailored functionality.

To showcase the flexibility provided by this new software, Motec has launched a competition where you can show off your artistic skills and have the chance to win one of three colour displays. If you think you have what it takes, this is your chance. Here’s what you need to do:

Motec want you to design your ultimate display screens using MoTeC’s Display Creator software. Choose one of the following categories, or to increase your chances of winning, create designs for each:

  • Race
  • Street
  • Open

You also have three opportunities to win! You can enter all three competition periods if you like, and you can use the same design/s or create something different each time.

Submit your designs between the following dates:

  1. 8 Nov - 7 Dec 2014: Winner announced 11 Dec 2014 (at PRI Show, USA)
  2. 8 Dec 2014 - 7 Jan 2015: Winner announced 11 Jan 2015 (at Autosport International, UK)
  3. 8 Jan - 7 Feb 2015: Winner announced 11 Feb 2015

Note: Submissions do not automatically roll-over to the next month but can be re-submitted. Time and date will be determined according to Australian Eastern Daylight Time.

The winner from each competition period will receive a: MoTeC C125 Race Logging Kit, complete with the Display Creator upgrade.

The kit includes:

  • C125 Display Logger with 120 Mb logging memory
  • 10 Hz GPS
  • Two pre-wired buttons
  • Professional quality wiring loom
  • Ethernet cable

For more details or to enter, see Motec’s website here:


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