New and Improved High Performance Academy Website

Andre and I are excited to announce the launch of High Performance Academy’s all new website!

Here’s how HPA’s new website will benefit you:

  • Single user login (Rejoice)  
  • We now support credit card payment as well as PayPal. You can now pay for courses and membership with Visa, Mastercard and American Express directly
  • You can now purchase a Gold Membership to access our forum and webinars without the need to purchase a course (this is charged at $19 USD / month)
  • Receive 3 months FREE Gold membership with any course purchased
  • Tuning Webinars are now hosted directly on our website with integrated chat and convenient notifications for the webinars that interest you
  • Check out and comment on our tuning blog posts directly on the main site
  • Access our archive of technical articles

This website has been almost a year in the making and has been painstakingly designed and built to offer an intuitive and interactive experience to you, our members. In particular the requirement for dual logins for course material and forum/webinar access has gone. Everything is now included in a custom built solution that is simpler and more user friendly, as well as providing us a solid platform to support HPA’s future growth.

So check out the new site and have a look around. You may also notice the domain is now

At this stage the website is still in development and it’s possible you may find some issues. If you have comments, compliments or concerns, I’d love to hear from you. You can email me directly -


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