Not All Intercoolers Are Made The Same

What is the best intercooler for the street, and what is best for the track? Is it even that simple? Let's find out!

Shannon from @PlazmamanAus explains the difference between tube and fin, bar and plate and supercharger vs turbocharger intercoolers in relation to construction, weight, heat dissipation and what is generally preferred for drag racing vs street and circuit applications, noting there are no hard and fast rules, just general guidelines to consider when making the choice.

0:00 - Shannon Rogers - Plazmaman
0:13 - Tube & Fin Vs Bar & Plate
0:50 - Tube & Fin Notes
1:06 - Bar & Plate Notes
1:14 - Intercoolers Purpose
2:02 - Weight Differences
2:20 - How To Choose? Street Vs Track (Drag)
3:14 - Circuit Racing
3:39 - Intercooler Sizing
4:30 - What Intercooler Fins Actually Do
5:40 - Ask Around Before You Buy!
6:11 - Pressure & Turbocharger Vs Supercharger Intercoolers
7:30 - Billet End Tanks
8:25 - Chur!
8:33 - Free Engine Building Lesson

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