PCLink Version enables Vi-PEC iSeries & Link G4+ Tuning

Electronz, manufacturer of the Link and ViPEC brand of ECUs has recently released a new version of the PCLink tuning software. One of the key features of this version is the ability to now tune both ViPEC and Link G4 ECUs from within the same package.

For owners of the G4 brand, this offers some important new features, including Mixture Map which helps speed up tuning your fuel map, and integrated communications with the Mainline brand of dynos. This communication stream provides two way communication, offering key tuning metrics to the dyno, as well as torque and power etc, which can then be displayed and logged directly to PCLink.

Some minor changes have also been performed to help streamline the software, making it faster, easier and more intuitive to use. These include:

  • The 'DELETE' key now deletes a parameter from the logged parameters list.
  • Deleting an item in the logged parameters list now moves the selected item down, making it faster and easier to delete multiple items.
  • When closing PCLink you can now select to 'Store to ECU' and/or 'Save to File'
  • Right clicking in the PCLink software will now allow you to add a new view at the cursor location.
  • The default size for a digital gauge view now autosizes depending on the number of items displayed.

In addition, a number of minor changes and bug fixes have also been performed to streamline the software and make it more user friendly. For a full list of these changes check the release documentation here: http://www.linkecu.com/support/downloads/pclink-download/pclink-firmware-information-as-pdf


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