PID Optimisation | Variable Cam Tuning [FREE LESSON]

Are you leaving power on the table?

Optimising your tune to account for your variable cam control system is an easy way to see performance gains where you need them most. In this lesson we’re going to dive into the PID gains of a continuously variable cam control system which is easily the most critical part of the process as any mistakes where will impact on the steady state and wide open throttle tuning that you will do next, for better or worse.

Compared to many closed loop control systems the process of tuning your PID gains on a cam control system is relatively easy, and in this [#FREELESSON] Andre gives you a step-by-step guide to his processes. While there are some minor differences between platforms, we have to use something to demonstrate this knowledge to you and for this example we’re using an Ecumaster EMU Black and Version 11 Subaru STi.

NOTE: This is just ONE module from a full Variable Cam Control Tuning course. It doesn’t matter of you have a switched, vernier adjustable or continuous cam control system, as this comprehensive course covers them all along with the impact valve timing has on performance, economy and emissions in both the low and high PRM range. Link below.

In this lesson:
0:00 - Introduction
0:52 - Base Setup
6:35 - Steady State Position Duty Cycle Setup
10:25 - Proportional Gain Component
16:32 - Derivative Gain Component
20:13 - Integral Gain Component
23:53 - PID Gain Summary
24:31 - Integral Windup
26:52 - Lesson Debrief
27:14 - Want To Learn More?

What to learn more about Variable Cam Tuning? Click here to learn more


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