Sensor Solutions and 3D Scanning | 650HP SR20VET Swap | SR86 EP 4 [BUILD]

Trigger systems, 3D scanning and sequential gearbox levers. Let’s get stuck in…

0:00 - Introduction
1:00 - It’s 3D Scanning Indoors, with Zac
7:09 - Sequential Shifter
12:06 - Nissan Optical Cam Angle Sensor
19:48 - Outro Bro

In this episode, the national man of many talents Zac runs us through some of the equipment used to 3D scan some of the key components of the GT86 which will allow us to do more data analysis in the future to help dial in and then refine the setup. As well as this Andre runs though why we're going from our Motorsport Design Systems single lever system on the TTi GTO 6 speed sequential to a custom dual lever setup, despite the team not being a huge fan of dual levers.

Lastly, get a rundown on why the factory Nissan 360 degree optical trigger sensor is not ideal when it comes to performance engine builds including the huge amount of issues it can cause your tuner and engine, as well as how the Mazworx SR20 trigger kit alternative we use is different.

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