Simple Question, Difficult Answer | Connecting Rods 101 [#TECHTALK]

'How much power can my connecting rods handle?' - Everyone.

In this [TECH TALK] we're going to dive into some of the reasons why working out how much power a con rod can handle is a difficult question to answer with even some manufactures supplying ambiguous figures with their aftermarket con rods.

Topics covered include why horsepower figures are actually less important than cylinder pressure when it comes to rod selection, materials used in OEM and aftermarket con rods, manufacturing techniques and their disadvantages, what abuse your con rod actually goes through and how this relates to why it is difficult to answer what seems like a simple question and much more.

0:00 - The Obvious Question
0:55 - OEM Manufacturing Techniques
3:37 - Aftermarket Comparison
6:17 - Con Rod Stresses And Strains
8:45 - Why Horsepower Is Irrelevant
8:57 - Tensile Strength
10:42 - RPM Increases
11:15 - Specific Power Recommendations
13:14 - Quick Visual Comparison
14:42 - Rod Bolts
16:18 - Rotating Vs Reciprocating Mass And Balancing
20:01 - Takeaway
20:54 - Learn More

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