Spark Plug Reading, Staged Injection and NEW Aero! | Today At HPA [UPDATE 249]

Spark Plug reading, staged injection, aero upgrade, Ecumaster course and more! This is Andres update that came right before webinar lesson ‘249 | Ecumaster Cold Start Tuning’. Details on membership below.

Andre runs through the Topstage Composites aro package that we are fitting to the HPA86. It consists of a single element rear wing, front element and rear diffuser along with a flat underfloor. The exhaust system will need adjustment to account for our two setups which allow for days at the track that have noise restrictions.

On the Series 7 Mazda RX7 Project front which is fitted with the stock 13B Turblown BorgWarner EFR-8474 with twin Turbosmart 40mm Comp-Gate wastegates, Vinnyfab exhaust system, Injector Dynamics ID1300 and ID1700 injectors and a CJ Motors fuel system along with some other modifications. Using the Adaptronic ECU Andre has set the car up to run just under 400HP to the hubs on our Mainline Pro Hub dyno which is a point he’s happy with in regards of reliability for the stock 13B and drivetrain.

Also looked at is some of the Adaptronic ECU setup for staged injection along with why injector characterisation and deadtime details are so important and some of the staged injection setup required for the RX7’s 13B which of course has staged injection from factory.

Lastly we take a look through the Ecumaster Worked Example that has been added to the Practical Standalone ECU Tuning course, how to correctly utilize spark plug reading with modern EFI technology, SCE Gaskets interview rundown and of course the AEM CD-7 Dash giveaway.

There is another 13B in the works which we plan to build in the future to get more power from the car, along with some more rotary course content for your HPA members as well.

WEBINAR INFO: Getting good cold start performance in your tuning is one of the factors that really makes a difference in a daily driven vehicle. In this webinar we’ll be investigating the cold start tuning process on the ECU Master EMU Black ECU, using our V11 Subaru STi.

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