[TECH NUGGET] High Horsepower Bearing Shells | King Engine Bearings

Using King Engine Bearings tri-metal construction aftermarket Subaru FA20 bearing shells as an example, Andre runs us through the pros and cons of replacing your OEM bearing shells in favour of an aftermarket alternative.

Bearing shells like this offer improved load handling, additional lubrication holes and a reduced chance of lowered oil pressure care of Kings SmartLug™ Technology, where the locating lug is positioned on the back of the shell instead of the inside surface, removing the chance of leakage.

Bearing shells like this are essential for high output applications, but they do come at the cost of embeddability. This essentially means the shells will wear faster than the OE alternative, leading to a lower service life. For a high output engine that already has an increased maintenance schedule though, this isn’t going to be an issue.

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