[TECH TOUR] 1000 HP Nissan SR20 on NOS | The world's most modified S15 Silvia?

Powered by a 1000 HP+ Nissan SR20VE which is force-fed via a Hypertune inlet plenum, Garrett GTX 3584R and 200 HP wet nitrous shot, Under Suzuki(アンダー鈴木)'s Scorch Racing S15 is constantly evolving to maintain its reign as one of the most impressive Time Attack cars to ever hit a race track.

Controlled by an impressive MoTeC electronics package the car is boost limited according to gear and throttle positions, and if traction is still lost the M150 ECU can cut ignition and the E85 fuel in order to prevent wheelspin. The M150 GPRP setup also controls an air actuated Holinger Engineering paddle shifted gearbox which enables the driver to change gears up or down without the use of a clutch, or the need to even take a hand off the wheel which helped Under Suzuki to secure a personal best at this year's World Time Attack Challenge.

With a full aero package under continual development by aero ace Andrew Brilliant of AMB Aero and a full carbon body, we’re excited to see what comes next for this legendary car and owner.

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