[TECH TOUR] 1300 HP 26B 4-rotor | Drift Aristo/GS300

Producing 1300 WHP at 34 PSI of boost from a side port, 26B Quad Rotor engine, Carl Thompsons JZS161 Aristo drift car really is a work of art. Assembled by Brent Curran from Curran Brothers Racing, the engine is controlled by a FuelTech ECU and runs a massive Pro Mod 98mm Precision Turbo & Engine turbocharger with a 200 HP nitrous shot used to aide with turbo spooling at full throttle. A Holinger Engineering 6 speed sequential gearbox puts power to the ground with the aide of a 9” full spool differential and 2 Brembo GT3 calipers are also used on the rear with one being operated by the handbrake in traditional drift setup fashion.

E85 fuel is stage injected via 16 Injector Dynamics ID1700’s that are supplied by an interesting combination of a rear mounted Waterman Racing Components mechanical and Weldon High Performance electric fuel pumps. Along with these pumps, M&W Pro-Drag2 CDI boxes and external injector drivers are used to ensure reliable delivery and ignition of that large volume of fuel.

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