[TECH TOUR] 74 PSI of boost, 1238whp 2.2 L Street Car | Micks Motorsport's 4G63 powered Evo 8

With 74 PSI of boost and 1238whp this Mitsubishi Evo 8 is probably the most impressive you’ll find on the street anywhere in the world, and given the strict laws around street-legal vehicles in Australia, it’s that much more impressive! Thanks to owner and builder Mick of Micks Motorsport, we managed to get a look at this impressive machine also known as BAGDAD just before it’s Flying 500 run at the 2017 World Time Attack Challenge.

This sort of performance doesn’t come without a lot of planning and modifications, and as such the parts list is impressive and reads more like a Christmas wish list. A Precision Turbo & Engine 7685 Gen 2 turbo with Turbosmart external wastegates to control the boost are attached to a plazmaman.com plenum chamber. This package can provide the 4G63 with a that whopping 74psi depending on the gear the Samsonas Motorsport Transmissions AU 6 speed sequential gearbox is in. Gear dependent boost control is precisely controlled by the Haltech Elite 2500 ECU, as is the E85 fuel being fed through 8 x Siemens injectors by a mechanical Kinsler Fuel Injection fuel pump.

The cylinder head sealing technique is interesting with aluminium bronze sealing rings fitted into the top of the cylinder bores and a copper gasket used to seal the oil and water passages which along with the Norris Designs bolt in dry sump kit helps keep the 4G64 Bullet Race Engineering billet block and Nitto Performance Engineering stroker crank cool. All these mods come together to produce a casual 1238whp (on a Dyno Dynamics rolling road dyno) which is actually a conservative figure given the wheelspin encountered at such power levels on this type of dyno.

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  • Jason Taylor's profile image
    That's over 563 HP/L!!!
    - jason.arthur.taylor USA
    12 months ago