Tuning Dual VVT? Watch This! | Cam Timing [FREE LESSON]

VVT, AVCS, VVL, VTEC, S-VT, MIVEC or whatever your flavour of variable valve timing is, if you're tuning dual variable valve timing then this lesson is for you!

This is just ONE module from the detailed Variable Cam Control Tuning course, link below.

Starting with the basics, including where and how to get started, Andre runs us through an example on how to optimise dual variable cam timing. He uses a turbocharged FA20 in a Toyota GT86 for the example which is fitted with a MoTeC M150 ECU, however, the knowledge is not specific to just this setup, what is taught here will be the same process you follow too when tuning your own VVT system.

0:00 - Our Dual Cam Control Setup
1:00 - Table Familiarisation
1:50 - Load Axis Confusion Clear Up
3:13 - Closed Loop Fuel Control
3:46 - Getting Started - Exhaust or Inlet?
5:50 - The Variable Cam Tuning Process
42:28 - 1 of 5 Steps, Learn More

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