Tuning Your Suspension? This ONE Aspect Is CRITICAL

Is this the single most important aspect of suspension tuning?

Lateral load transfer is the amount of change on the vertical loads of the tyres. This occurs due to the lateral acceleration (cornering force) imposed on the centre of gravity of the car.

Lateral load transfer, also known as lateral weight transfer, can cause oversteer, understeer and impact your vehicles aerodynamic capacities, or lack of. Tim will run you through some simplified static examples noting a lot of this knowledge assumes you understand all the basic fundamentals of suspension tuning and optimisation which come before this module of the course. Even if you don't however, there will still be some value in here for you.

0:00 - Lesson Plan
0:22 - Culmination Of Fundamental Suspension Knowledge
0:35 - What Is Lateral Load Transfer?
1:31 - Load Transfer Function
2:04 - NOTE: We Can't Break The Laws Of Physics
2:28 - What We CAN Do: Example
3:13 - Lateral Load Transfer Calculation Convention
3:38 - Second Example
3:58 - Simplified Theoretical Example
4:24 - Pratical Application
4:41 - Static Weight vs Lateral Load
5:33 - Vertical Load Basics
6:44 - Simplified Example
8:18 - NOTE: Losses and Gains
8:53 - The Takeaway: Load Transfer Is Always Bad
9:13 - Our Main Tool To Combat This
9:34 - Oversteer & Oversteer Implications
9:59 - Through The Suspension Tuning & Optimisation Course
10:20 - Our Fundamental Goals
10:59 - Remember: Static Examples Are Still Valid
11:23 - Lesson Summary
11:54 - Just 1 of 37 Modules. Enroll Below.

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