Vi-PEC Releases i-Series ECUs

New Zealand-based ECU manufacturer Vipec, have just announced the launch of their new range of i-Series ECUs. The existing V-Series Vipec ECUs have already proven to be a popular product, offering great features and accurate engine control in a well priced package. Moving to the future, the i-Series ECU incorporates a brand new microcontroller which gives Vipec the ability to take their product to the next level, providing more flexibility and even more advanced features.

The Vipec i-Series is available as a universal standalone wire in ECU (i44 and i88) or as a Plug-In option to suit a range of popular vehicles and Powersports applications. A full list of applications is available here:
Key features of the i-Series ECUs are included below:
- Up to 8 Peak & hold injector drivers
- Up to 8 Ignition drives
- Up to 12 Analogue Voltage inputs
- Up to 4 Analogue Temp inputs
- Up to 11 DI inputs
- Up to 10 Auxiliary outputs
- Unused fuel/ignition can be used as AUX outputs
- 4 Bar onboard MAP sensor for i44
- Internal e-throttle control for i88 (i44 can use external e-throttle module)
- Onboard digital knock control
- Support for quad variable cam control
- 30 General purpose tables to make full use of advanced features such as individual cylinder tuning and 4D/5D tuning
- Software labelling of inputs and outputs to help simplify complicated ECU installations
- Built-in Trigger Scope to view and capture trigger data without the need for an oscilloscope
- Support for push-button start/stop
- Display units in metric, imperial or a combination of both
- Air fuel ratio units can now be displayed as Lambda or AFR
- Disable pull-up resistors on analogue temperature channels for piggy-back installations
- Advanced datalogging with selectable channels and rates. Datalogging can now be configured to loop when full
- Memo text allows tuning notes to be stored in the ECU
- Fully configurable CAN communications templates allow interface with factory CAN bus
- OBD2 communications protocol for scan tool or OBD reader support
A comparison matrix of the different models can be found here:
Vipec i-Series ECUs are available now through your local dealer. (

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