What is CAN Bus? | CAN Bus Communications [FREE LESSON]

What is a CAN Bus?  

CAN Bus is the primary communications network that runs through a modern vehicle, understanding it is becoming more critical than ever and by gaining a good overall understanding of CAN protocol you can undertake your own CAN communication projects yourself from start to finish.

CAN Bus are two distinct terms that are linked together but refer to different things. These are:
CAN - Controller Area Network. Communication language for devices.
Bus - Physical wiring connection

One of the advantages of pairing these two together is that a CAN Bus can reduce the time and material required in the making of a harness by carrying multiple signals on the same wire.

0:00 Intro
0:12 - CAN = Controller Area Network
1:15 - Bus = Physical Wiring Connecting Devices
1:44 - Why should I use a CAN Bus and what are the advantages?
4:57 - Onto the next step
5:08 - Outro

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