Why didn't we just put a K20 in it? | 650HP SR20VE Swap | SR86 EP 11 [#BUILD]

With our SR86 build having slowed a little, we decided to take some time out from our regular updates and answer a few common questions we get each time we release a build video.

First and foremost, Andre answers probably the most common question of all which is, why didn’t you put a K series engine in it? The answer is unfortunately a lot less interesting/controversial than you may be thinking. Simply put, this was largely because we had an SR20, we didn’t have a K series and we were working to very tight time constraints. Andre then further backs up our choice of an SR20 swap by explaining why the VE cylinder head doesn’t even compare to its DET predecessor and dispels the seemingly common misconception that a K series engine won’t have any reliability issues.

Next up, we discuss some of the reliability issues we’ve faced (if you’ve been following along with this build series, you’ll know there have been many…) and how we have handled/will handle those along with the reasons we went with the seemingly odd choice of a Garrett GTX 3076 Gen 2 turbo.

Lastly, we’ve had a lot of comments from people offering their thoughts on where our surprising gain of 40-45 wheel horsepower came from following a few minor modifications. Andre dives in and discusses the factors that have contributed to this.

0:00 - The same questions over and over
0:27 - Why not a K series swap?
2:35 - SR20DET vs SR20VE
5:20 - Spoiler alert...K24 build coming
5:36 - Why not a K24?
7:10 - But you won’t have any reliability issues with a K series...wrong
7:46 - Dealing with reliability issues
10:45 - Turbo choice
13:04 - Where did our extra power come from?
18:50 - Free live lesson

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