Why is Soldering So HATED In Motorsport Wiring? | Solder Vs Crimping [TECH TALK]

When wiring we have the chance to improve upon our OEM loom, but why are soldered connections considered a downgrade, and if you must solder, how do you do it with the smallest amount of risk for failure?

In this [TECH TALK] filmed while preparing the SR86 harness (the SR20VET swapped Toyota 86) Andre runs us through the implications of using soldered connections in a motorsport environment and as a result why crimping is preferred. We're talking joining wires together here, not working on a PCB.

But don't worry, even if you find yourself in a situation where you must solder or despite the risk it is something you wish to do anyway, Andre outlines of the things you can do to help mitigate that risk of failure by running through a few common places in a motorsports loom where it is your only option. Solder sleeves (not the horrible knock off ones!) and potting are discussed in relation to this along with an extra consideration potting requires in relation to spares.

Hopefully, with this knowledge, you can make your own decision on what technique you use while understanding of the risks and issues you are trying to avoid.

0:00 - Intro
0:59 - Crimping Correctly
2:00 - Soldering Correctly
2:20 - The Weakness of Solder
2:36 - Mitigating Risk
3:02 - Exceptions To The Rule
3:39 - Potting
4:00 - How To Make It Safer
5:19 - The Downside of Potting
5:28 - Soldered Connectors
6:04 - The Golden Rule
6:11 - Terminating Shielded Cable
7:18 - Solder Sleeve
8:13 - The Advantage Of Solder Sleeves
8:56 - Crimp Where You Can
9:18 - Outro

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