Why Not BIllet? | 4G63 Evo IX Time Attack Upgrades [TECH TALK]

Even when budget is not a limiting factor, why might a team choose to use a factory block over an aftermarket billet one in a Time Attack build?

With a 2.2L stroker 4G63 MIVEC build featuring a custom billet crank, rod and pistons, Benjamin Perry of Benchmark Solutions explains why a billet block was not a consideration for this build along with covering some of the upgrades the Global Aircraft Services Mitsubishi Evo 9 has seen in order to remain competitive in the ever-popular Open Class as the World Time Attack Challenge.

Controlled by an EMtron KV8 and MoTeC PDM15 the electronics package has seen some upgrades before this event including the addition of more sensors to enable more data and refinement in the setup of the car for driver Nathan Morcom, a major suspension overhaul and a turbocharger upgrade to the BorgWarner 9280.

Transmission wise this Evo 9 is running a bolt-on Hollinger MFE9 with their paddle-shift kit which is controlled by the EMtron KV8 ECU and a MoTeC Mitsubishi Diff Controller (MDC) for the central differential torque split which is calculated by speed, pressure, G-forces and driver inputs.

1:18 - Improvements
1:45 - Engine Upgrades
2:25 - Why Not A Billet Block?
3:25 - Power and Boost
4:28 - BorgWarner 9280 Turbocharger
5:54 - Compressor Surge
6:54 - Electronics
7:36 - PDM Usage
8:12 - Data Logging & Sensors
9:34 - Suspension Sensors
10:27 - Transmission
11:08 - Center Differential Control
11:46 - Want To Learn More?

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