WinOLS Free Demo Download

Did you know you can download a demo version of WinOLS that is completely free and use it to follow and work through the examples in the WinOLS Mastery: Map Identification & Editing course? 

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In the many modules of the HPA WinOLS course you will find test files included that you can download, load into your free (or paid if you have one) version of OLS and follow along, making the same edits as the tutor on screen.

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This is really important to consider vs only watching the course content alone, as getting hands-on in this way is going to help cement these skills and techniques in your own head and given you can do this before deciding if you want to fully commit to purchasing WinOLS, why wouldn't you? 


It's worth noting, like many software demonstration installations, the WinOLS demo is pared-down a little and isn't fully featured, however, for the purposes of the course material nothing is missing that you will need/have to work around making it a solid learning and evaluation tool for you to utilise.

You can get the demo file directly from EVC via the hyperlink above or the one right here for your convenience. 

If you're not sure what WinOLS, aka OLS, even is, check out this post. if you want to start learning how to use it right away, here's a free lesson, or alternatively, enrol in the WinOLS Mastery: Map Identification & Editing course and start learning instantly!

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