Workshop Tour + SRZ - SR20 Endurance 350Z Update | Ep 8 [OFF THE RECORD]

This week we wish we had vacuumed more recently as we take you through a quick tour of HPA Labs in a completely untechnical video (sorry!).

We have a chat with a few of the team members and get some deep insight into Scott's mind as he shares his deepest thoughts about life, the universe and everything….just not to the camera.

The Nissan 350Z ‘SRZ’ project gets a quick update along with where are few of the cars in the shed are at. One we forgot to mention is the L98/LS2 powered Holden Commodore which will finally have its camshaft upgrade and associated course material in the next few weeks.

Next week we’re back into the usual with a rundown on our other two first names guy, Brandon Barry, and his personal KP61 Toyota Starlet rally build.

Entry for the casually placed giveaway mention (subtle eh!):
Closes 29th July 2020, get in there and thanks to AEM Performance Electronics for making such an awesome product, and then giving it away. Legends.

00:00 Welcome to HPA Labs
00:45 Ecumaster Cold Start
01:16 Workshop
03:07 SR350Z
03:35 3UZ-FE
04:03 Fabrication Room (WIP)
05:08 Studio/Engine Building Room
06:32 The Story Behind The Head
06:58 Where We Hide Things Out Of Sight
08:04 Simulator
08:24 Ben Silcock, Occasional Jetboater, Fulltime Ginger
08:50 Upstairs Office
09:40 AEM Dash Giveaway
10:00 Downstairs Office
10:36 Mainline Pro Hub
11:00 Next Week

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