3300HP Street Car, World’s FASTEST | Larry Larson [TECH TALK]
Larry Larson of Larson Race Cars takes some time to talk to Andre about how he tunes the FASTEST street can in the world, his 5.89 second @ 244 MPH 3300HP Chevy S10, without the use of a dyno. Running BRODIX Cylinder Heads and block plus Precision Turbo & Engine Pro Mod Gen 2 turbos the FuelTech #FT600 controlled Pro Line Racing built 620ci Chevy based engine is both pump gas and methanol fed by Billet Atomizer Racing Injectors depending on if it’s on the strip or street.

Also discussed is the speed at which EFI technology is progressing and some of the changes Larry has gone through over the years while evolving from carburettor tuning along with listing some of the major advantages that EFI has over carbs. Touched on is Larry's preference for not using traction control and also individual cylinder tuning techniques.
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