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3D Modeling & CAD for Motorsport: Conclusion

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00:00 - This brings us to the end of our automotive CAD and 3D modelling course.
00:04 We've covered a lot of topics throughout this course and by now, you should have a really solid understanding of the use of CAD for general automotive and motorsport applications and have gained the skills and confidence to tackle your own design projects.
00:19 Remember, if you didn't fully understand anything covered in these modules, it's easy to go back through and revisit anything you feel you could do with a refresher on.
00:30 Before we finish up, there are a few things that I think are important to reiterate.
00:34 First, if you don't already have the necessary hardware and software, getting started with CAD can require some investment.
00:43 Of course, as you've just completed this course, it's safe to assume that you have a computer and most likely have access to some CAD software.
00:53 But progressing further, you may be considering a better setup or additional tools such as 3D scanners or printers.
01:01 Splashing out on the best of everything can be extremely expensive and sometimes unecessary.
01:08 There are some very accessible options out there today and it's only getting better so consider what you actually need to get the job done but also keep in mind the financial savings of being able to design and possibly manufacture components yourself, not to mention the satisfaction.
01:25 Next, modifying critical components on a car obviously needs to be approached with care and caution to make sure that the finished part is strong and safe.
01:35 It's important we have a good understanding of any changes we're making to a vehicle and the result the changes will have.
01:42 Almost every change in an automotive application comes with some form of compromise and any effect on safety must be carefully considered.
01:52 When it comes to the early stages of design, we also need to think about the application of our new parts, the forces they'll be exposed to, what material will be suitable and how the part will be manufactured.
02:05 Anything that can be manufactured can be modelled in CAD software and having 3D models of our designs presents some significant advantages.
02:15 With the tools available to us, we can better understand, analyse and optimise our designs as well as manufacture them accurately and efficiently.
02:24 A big point worth remembering is that the more you use CAD, the better you'll get.
02:29 The first few sessions using software like Fusion 360, may have been a little daunting.
02:35 But if you stick with it, make sure you jump back to any modules that you're struggling with and ask questions in our members' forum, you'll soon be modelling complex, robust designs faster and more efficiently.
02:47 This is a developing area and even the most experienced CAD users are always learning new skills and techniques.
02:55 Be sure to experiment with your designs, always trying to make them better and find the best modelling methods.
03:02 This course was designed to give you the knowledge and understanding to use CAD for automotive applications but there's no replacement for experience so from here, it's your job to get out there and identify issues and areas in your vehicle that could be improved and put to practice what you've learned.
03:21 Thanks again for taking this course, I'm looking forward to seeing some of your CAD projects go from rough ideas to finished products in the members' forum.

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