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3D Modeling & CAD for Motorsport: How To Use This Course

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How To Use This Course


00:00 - This course is presented via individual video modules that focus on the various concepts and skills you need to understand in order to build a thorough knowledge of automotive CAD.
00:11 Even if you've already had some experience with CAD, it's still very important that you watch the entire course from start to finish because there are a lot of subtle tricks and tips discussed that can save you huge amounts of time and effort and ensures that you get the best results for your projects.
00:29 Watching this course in its entirety also means you don't overlook any important concepts and will provide invaluable when it comes to tackling your own CAD work.
00:39 We provide sample model files and encourage you to follow along on your own computer for most of the modules in this course.
00:47 So if you can, I'd recommend setting up a second screen or device so you can both watch and design at the same time without having to constantly switch windows.
00:57 Once you've watched the complete course, it's very easy to find and rewatch any modules that you feel like you might need a better understanding of.
01:05 This is particularly useful when you want to focus on mastering a specific tool or concept when working on a project.
01:13 Remember this course is yours for life and you can rewatch any part of it as many times as you'd like.
01:21 While we've tried to cover every concept we felt is important, you may still have other questions come up or concepts that you'd like to dive deeper into.
01:30 With that in mind, this course also includes a membership to our online community and it's here that you'll find our support forum.
01:37 This is the perfect place to ask any technical questions you may have.
01:42 If you have queries specific to a particular lesson, you'll also find a form below each module that lets you quickly create a related discussion in our forum.

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