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3D Modeling & CAD for Motorsport: Introduction

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00:00 - Welcome to the High Performance Academy Automotive CAD and 3D Modelling course.
00:04 My name is Connor and throughout the upcoming course modules, I'm going to show you everything you need to know about using computer aided design in the automotive and motorsport world.
00:15 Whether you're involved in racing, you're just getting started on a big build project or you're looking to modify your street car, it's not unusual to find that there's no parts available in the aftermarket to suit your needs.
00:28 Or even if there is, there are often ways that it could be done better.
00:32 This is where CAD comes in, allowing you to accurately design whatever your brain can think up and then make that part a reality.
00:39 This course is going to be perfect for complete beginners with no CAD experience, right through to more capable users who are looking to improve their skills when it comes to designing for the automotive realm.
00:51 The reality is that CAD is often misunderstood as software that's used exclusively by engineers with degrees.
00:59 But with the current ease of access to programs, combined with modern consumer computer performance, it's never been easier to master this powerful tool and begin utilising it on your own projects.
01:11 I've personally been working with CAD for nearly a decade after graduating from university with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.
01:18 I've been mostly working in product development in and out of the automotive industry and that's given me a lot of experience with a range of different software offerings.
01:27 For the purposes of this course though, we'll be working primarily with Fusion 360, a cloud based program offered by AutoDesk.
01:36 We've chosen to use this software because it's popular at the hobbyist level and offers all the tools you'd need to complete any automotive job and most importantly it's free for personal use.
01:48 If you don't currently have Fusion 360 installed, check the resources section of this course for a download link.
01:55 With that said, it's important to note that the vast majority of CAD software functions in a very similar way.
02:02 The skills and techniques found in this course will absolutely translate to any piece of software you might have access to.
02:09 Tools for example are referred to by common naming conventions across most CAD programs and generally function exactly the same, even down to the quick keys.
02:18 We're going to begin the learning process by first making sure we have a complete understanding of exactly what it is we're doing and how the software works.
02:28 Before jumping into the fundamentals of designing for motorsport.
02:32 From there, it's an easy jump over to practical CAD modelling skills which includes solid and sheet metal modelling, assemblies, analysis and post processing.
02:43 We'll also take a look at some more advanced aspects of CAD like FEA and generative design as well as 3D scanning and printing.
02:52 We'll then utilise all these skills in the HPA 5 Step CAD Process which follows the general design process from idea to finished product.
03:02 We then take this process and employ it to create some real world projects, allowing you to follow an entire build from initial design to manufacture and fitting.
03:13 Although I've personally spent a long time working with CAD professionally, we've designed this course in a way that breaks down what used to be a very daunting field and makes it accessible to anyone who wants to learn.

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