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Boost Control: Introduction

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00:00 - Welcome to HPA's advanced functions boost control course.
00:04 Accurately controlling the boost pressure in a turbo-charged car can offer benefits to engine safety and reliability, power delivery, and driver control.
00:14 While simple pneumatic boost control valves can control boost pressure, the advantages of employing an ECU to offer electronic control can offer more accurate control that doesn't vary due to atmospheric conditions, as well as in-cabin adjustment, and strategy such as gear-dependent, or speed-dependent boost.
00:35 If you've taken any of HPA's existing courses, you will know that the basics of electronic fuel injection are actually relatively simple.
00:44 Despite the technology involved, fundamentally, EFI is just a method of providing the engine with the correct amount of fuel and the correct ignition advance.
00:55 While fuel and ignition form the basis of any tuning job, the advances with modern EFI have provided us with some real advantages compared to what could've ever been achieved using carburettors.
01:08 I'm talking about the more advanced functions, such as continuously variable cam control, electronic throttle actuation, knock control, boost control, and advanced motor sport functions such as traction control and launch control.
01:25 This course will focus specifically on electronic boost control.
01:30 While on the face of it, electronic boost control seems simple enough.
01:34 Achieving accurate and stable boost control across a wide range of operating conditions can be challenging.
01:42 We're going to start by looking at the principles behind boost control, so that you can understand both what's going on inside the ECU, as well as what we're trying to achieve.
01:54 Understanding this is going to let you do a better job of applying the function to your own tuning.
02:00 Each brand of ECU will have its own specific techniques for employing boost control, including their own set of parameters that are available for you to adjust.
02:11 Once we've covered the universal concepts of boost control, we'll then offer a worked example, specific to a certain ECU, so you can see exactly how to approach the tuning in the configuration.
02:25 Further worked examples will be added to this course over time, and these will be available to you at no extra charge.
02:33 With tuning in general, and particularly when we're dealing with these advanced functions, there isn't always a right or wrong way to approach the tuning.
02:42 The techniques I'll present in this course are the techniques that I've personally developed over my career.
02:48 And they're designed to give you a sensible, step-by-step approach that you can apply in your own tuning.
02:54 Once you're comfortable with the techniques, feel free to adapt them to suit your own preferences.

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