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Boost Control: The Ten Step Process

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The Ten Step Process


00:00 - If you've already gone through either our practical dyno tuning or practical road tuning course, you'll already be aware of our 10-step process.
00:10 This process is designed to give you a simple, step-by-step approach to tuning any car that ensures you don't miss any critical steps.
00:19 Now that we're adding boost control to our regular tuning duties, it's worth discussing where this sits in the 10-step process.
00:27 We'd start with the boost control configuration, which would be dealt with during the first step, which is ECU configuration.
00:35 And then the actual tuning of the system is dealt with in step nine, which is our full power tuning.
00:42 Tuning the boost control system first requires us to correctly tune the fuel and ignition at our minimum boost or wastegate boost level.
00:52 This is simply the process we discussed in the practical tuning courses.
00:58 Once we have the fuel and ignition timing correctly adjusted at our minimum boost level, we can begin increasing the boost and tuning the boost control system before re-addressing the fuel and ignition tuning.
01:11 This is an iterative process of adjusting the boost and then going back and tuning the fuel and ignition before once again adjusting the boost.
01:21 As we will see in the body of the course, we want to make small steps in the boost pressure to make this process easier.
01:28 If we make small changes of perhaps one to two psi at a time, it's unlikely we'll need to make large changes to our fuel or ignition, and this lets us build up an idea of how much we need to change the fuel and ignition as boost increases.
01:43 Once we have a pattern, we can make an educated guess as to what the engine is going to want to see in the untuned areas of the map as the boost is increased.
01:53 Don't worry too much about the specifics right now, as this will all be explained in detail in both the body of the course as well as the worked examples.
02:02 For now, it's enough just to simply understand where boost control tuning fits into the overall task of tuning the engine.

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