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Boost Control: Software Walkthrough

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Software Walkthrough


00:00 - Alright, we're now going to have a look at a worked example and this worked example is going to be on the MoTeC M1 ECU.
00:06 Now, we're using an M150 ECU with the Toyota GT 86 package, however the worksheets that we're going to be turning will be relevant to any of the M1s, GPA, GPR, or any of the OE packages offered to turbo-charged vehicles.
00:24 We're going to start with a very brief walk-through, just so you know where the relevant worksheets that we're going to be working from are, and we've got two places that we can access the boost control tuning.
00:36 One is in our tuning workbook and worksheet four, which is Boost Control.
00:41 And you can see we've got our parameters to adjust our boost control here, and we've also got a Time Graph showing some of the important relevant aspects and channels that we're going to need to use in our tuning.
00:55 The other option is if we go into our initial Setup 2 workbook, and we have a worksheet over here, worksheet 10 or zero, actually is our boost control worksheet.
01:07 And this just lays everything out in a slightly different way.
01:10 Personally, when I'm setting up the boost control system, I actually like to do it through the initial Setup 2 workbook, I find I've got access to all of the channels and parameters that I need to configure in a more easily accessible format and we've also got our Time Graph here.
01:29 When we're doing the tuning, we can choose to either do that through the Tuning workbook or through this initial Setup 2 workbook.
01:39 Now we're going to look in the next module at how we can configure this boost control subsystem before we start tuning it.

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