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CAN Bus Communications Decoded: Program devices to receive required data

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Program devices to receive required data


00:00 - The last step of the HPA 5 step CAN network setup process is to configure all of our receiving devices to correctly read their required data from the bus.
00:10 Most of the devices on the bus will have had their communication speed correctly set up in step 4 but in the case of a device that's purely receiving data, make sure that this is set correctly now.
00:22 Again, I recommend sticking to predefined reception profiles as much as possible.
00:27 This should form part of your research into which products to purchase.
00:31 If you can select devices that have pre defined profiles for one another then the job of setting up a CAN transmission and reception is relatively straightfoward.
00:41 In the case that you need to set up a reception profile manually, this once again will vary hugely depending on the device's configuration software.
00:49 We'll run through some specific examples in the worked examples section of the course but your low level base understanding of CAN data frames should allow you to get the reception profiles working.
00:58 With the reception profiles configured and matched to the transmission profiles, you should now be able to see data being transmitted from one device to another.
01:06 It's very important at this stage to confirm that the received data matches what is being transmitted.
01:14 You can do this by connecting to each device and looking at the parameter values within that device's software and confirm that the receiving device is showing the same parameter value.
01:24 In the event that you strike a problem, there are a couple of common trouble spots that should be the first things to check.
01:30 It's very common for CAN high and CAN low to be inadvertently switched when they're connected to a device so double check that that wiring is correct with a continuity meter.