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CAN Bus Communications Decoded: Disclaimer

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00:00 - Before we get deep into the wonderful world of CAN, we need to talk about some of the risks involved when integrating CAN communications into your project or reverse engineering an existing CAN system.
00:11 Designing systems that integrate CAN communication is a specialised task that does require specialised knowledge and attention to detail.
00:19 When designing and integrating your own CAN systems there's the possibility for incorrect configuration of devices leading to misinterpreted data.
00:27 If this data is critical to the running of the vehicle, this could lead to physical damage to the engine or other systems.
00:34 The CAN protocol itself is very mature and well established and is relied upon for safety critical communication in OEM applications.
00:43 If you're reverse engineering their systems, it's possible to interfere with the operation of them and render the inoperable.
00:50 While we present the information in this course in such a way that identifies and controls these risks, it is still your responsibility to apply these controls in practice and evaluate the possible outcomes.