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CAN Bus Communications Decoded: Step Two: Making a physical connection

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Step Two: Making a physical connection


00:00 Step 2 of the process is making a physical connection to the CAN bus to our Sysworxx CAN analyser tool here as well.
00:08 So to make that as easy as possible for myself I have pinned out the wires on the back of our CAN keypad here which just needs +12 volts ground, CAN high and CAN low to our standard DTM male 4 pin connector.
00:22 That's letting me plug it into our CAN bus bridge device which I can supply +12 volts and ground from our power supply there and hook that CAN wires into the CAN analyser tool.
00:34 So I can go ahead and switch our power supply on and you can see our keypad there is doing a bit of a flash of all its lights in its different colours.
00:43 That's great for a couple of reasons, 1 it lets me check that all those lights are actually working and all the different colours work and it tells me that our device is receiving 12 volts.