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CAN Bus Communications Decoded: Step Four: Cause a variable you are looking for to change

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Step Four: Cause a variable you are looking for to change


00:00 - So the fourth step of the process is going to be making that physical input into the vehicle and looking for the corresponding output on our datastream that's being displayed here.
00:09 Now it's steering wheel angle that I'm looking for here so I'm just going to have to pop the steering wheel on the vehicle and turn it and see if I see any of those data bytes on our stream changing there.
00:21 Got the steering wheel on the vehicle now.
00:23 I've just had to pop my laptop off to the side because like a lot of racecars, there's not actually much room to work in here so you've sometimes got to be a little bit of a contortionist to get everything in place.
00:32 But I can now move the steering wheel and we're just watching for corresponding changes on that CAN data stream.
00:37 So I'm just looking at the byte up the very top there which is PID 010 in hex and as I move the steering wheel I'm really not seeing any data change there.
00:49 That's the same for 011, 012, 013, 018, 028, 02A.
01:06 0D0 is looking very interesting though.
01:10 So those first 2 data bytes of 0D0 there, I absolutely think we've found it.
01:18 It's moving directly in response to inputs that I'm making on the steering wheel.