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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Introduction

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00:00 - Today I'm going to do a worked example on the AiM Solo 2 DL which is fitted to our RaceCraft GT86 shop car.
00:08 Now the car itself is mildly modified, it has a turbocharger and a aftermarket front mounted intercooler fitted to it.
00:14 It has some adjustable suspension and uprated anti roll bars as well as some larger brakes, 18 inch wheels and 18 inch Michelin slick tyres.
00:24 So certainly, even though those modifications aren't crazy, it's certainly got a performance level quite a long way above what the factory car would have had.
00:32 Now for the data logging as I said we're using the AiM Solo 2 DL and one of the advantages of the DL model is it allows us to bring in external data and log it within the main logger which gives us a lot more scope to do more advanced analysis.
00:45 In this particular configuration we've got the logger hooked up to the factory CAN bus which is then allowing us to get data from the ECU which in this case is a MoTeC ECU that's fitted to this car.
00:56 Now the data that we've logged and we're going to do a comparison with today is actually from two amateur drivers.
01:01 There is quite a big time difference between both of them and that's really just because one one them is quite used to driving this car at the track that we did the analysis for and the other one is really just getting to grips with that, hasn't done many laps in this car and that's why there's such a big time difference that we'll see a bit later on.
01:16 Now it doesn't matter which data analysis system you've got fitted to your car or which car you're using it for.
01:21 I think this worked example is going to apply to you regardless.
01:25 It's really the concepts and the workflow we want to get across, rather than just the intricacies of the actual system.
01:30 So while we are doing this worked example on an AiM system in a Toyota GT86, it really doesn't matter too much if you're using a different logger package and a different car and maybe even a different type of racing all together.