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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Step 3: Download Logged Data

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Step 3: Download Logged Data


00:00 - Step 3 is to go ahead and download the data.
00:03 Now one of the beauties of a simple system like this is that we don't actually need to download the data because we're going to be initially viewing it on the same device that we recorded it on.
00:13 Now that's different from the vast majority of other data loggers where we've got the data stored on either an SD or the internal storage inside the logger and we're downloading that into a laptop and we're going to be going through that data line by line.
00:26 So by using the same device to look at the information that we recorded it on, it's just speeding up that process a little bit and means there's one less step to go ahead and do before we can start digging into the data.
00:37 One of the things you do need to do when you download the data and this applies to maybe more complicated motorsport specific logger or the phone based logger that we're going through today, is to add some notes to your run so when you're going back and looking at that data at a later point in time, you have a little bit more context about what was happening with the car setup, what was happening with the track conditions and stuff like that.
00:56 So let's have a look at that now.
00:58 So if I want to go look at the data, all I need to do is go into my folder view down the bottom here.
01:03 And this Highlands Full which just means full track of Highlands is available up here and it's got two different log files in it.
01:10 So we've got our two different runs here, one for our amateur which is the two minutes and one seconds and the 1:59 for the pro.
01:18 So if I jump in here, different logging systems are obviously going to be really different but the one nice thing, it does give us the option is to add notes to the log file that we've got in here.
01:30 So I've just got some information about who is in the car, what the track conditions were like, what the weather was like.
01:36 How much fuel we started with the car and what my cold tyre pressures were for that run.
01:39 So that's just a little bit of information there which again is just going to give me a little bit more context when we want to go back and look at this information in the future.
01:47 We can see that we've only got a few laps there, we've got an out lap, an in lap and we've got 3 laps in the middle there and that fastest lap happened in that last flying lap, lap 3.
01:56 Now we do have the ability to share this and we'll go through in a little bit more detail in one of the later steps but what this allows us to do is to be able to share the data that we recorded on the phone to an external, some sort of external device.
02:12 So what we're going to do later is go through and share it to a laptop so we can look at this data inside a more motorsport style analysis package.
02:21 But we do have, there's a couple of things we can do here.
02:24 The first thing is to look at the video itself.
02:27 So I'm just going to give you a replay of what that looks like on track.
02:31 So we've got the option to show or hide some of this information up here, so for example, we've got these overlays that the software does for us so we can show or hide those.
02:43 We can show or hide the map down here if we want to.
02:46 Just going to leave that shown on there and then we can also preview it as well.
02:54 So you can see down here, we can see the position of the car on track moving around the map.
02:59 We've got some lap time information and lap number information up here, current speed, we've got a GG plot down here and we've also got the ability to come through and review that but we'll go through that in a little bit more detail later on.
03:11 Now the thing I really wanted to go through here was looking at sharing that information.
03:15 So if I go share, I've got the ability to share either some statistics or share the video or even share the file via USB to a computer but the one I really want to focus on right now is the one that we'll be using today when we're doing some sharing is to share a VBO file over email.
03:38 Now what a VBO file is, so we've got some different formats we can do it exported here.
03:43 What the VBO file is, is it allows us to look at the data in Race Logic's VBOX software which is where that VBO extension comes from.
03:53 So the idea here is that we can just go ahead and do some more in depth analysis than we're able to do on the phone.
03:57 So all we need to do is select .VBO and it'll bring up our email for us and all we need to do is select the target email address we want to go to, it's going to send not only that data file for us but also some information here about where the data was gathered from.
04:15 So we've got Highlands Full, we've got our best lap time shown there, we've got some information about when it was taken and we've also got some help instructions down here if you want to include the video file that's also going to be sent, that can also be accessed from the app if you want to look at the video and the data at the same time within the app itself.
04:34 So pretty self explanatory.
04:36 So as we don't need to download the data because it's already inside the phone, that covers that off.
04:40 The other part it covers is how to export the data if you want to look at the data in an external piece of software like Race Logic's VBOX software.