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Data Analysis Fundamentals: 6. Apply Changes

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6. Apply Changes


00:00 - Once we've highlighted one or two areas to focus on, it's time to apply what we've learned on the racetrack.
00:06 It's easy to sit in the comfort of the pits and look at the data on a laptop and know what needs to be done to extract more performance out of the car but it can be a completely different challenge to push the car hard enough to actually see the gains.
00:20 Of course, it's also a fine line and pushing too far can easily result in an accident so it's sensible to creep up on improvements incrementally rather than trying to gain a second as soon as the car leaves the pits.
00:33 This is one of the reasons why it's advisable to focus on just one or two areas for improvement.
00:40 In this way, the driver can focus on just these sections of track lap after lap and gradually creep up on the lap time.
00:48 For example, if the driver is braking 2 car lengths early going into a particular corner, to start with it'll be easier to focus on pushing the braking point just half car length deeper.
01:00 Once the driver is comfortable with the new braking point and has realised that the car is still going to make it through the corner, the braking point can then be pushed a little further.
01:09 In the same way, the mid corner speed and corner exit can be incrementally improved lap after lap.
01:14 It's just a case of building confidence in the car and what it's capable of.
01:19 The 6 step process you've just learned is always an iterative undertaking and each track session is going to produce even more data for you to analyse and show more areas for improvement.
01:30 For this reason, understanding the data and being able to take the appropriate action is hugely important because there's always more time that you can find in the car and the driver.