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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Disclaimer

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00:00 - At this point, we need to stop and discuss the potential dangers of any form of motorsport.
00:05 While it should go without saying, we live in a time where nobody wants to put their hand up and take responsibility for their own actions.
00:12 So we will state the obvious, motorsport has the potential to cause injury or death to yourself or others.
00:20 This course is intended to give you the tools to analyse and improve your car and your driving.
00:27 Beyond the raw data, it is still your responsibility to apply the results in a sensible manner in order to ensure your safety.
00:36 To start with, we recommend proper safety equipment in any car that is being used for racing purposes.
00:42 This includes a proper rollcage, a race seat, harnesses, a fireproof race suit, helmet and a head and neck restraint system.
00:52 Regardless of the fact that some car clubs or racetracks allow standard road cars to be driven on a racetrack with nothing more than a helmet, we consider the safety equipment just listed as a bare minimum.
01:05 Ultimately this safety equipment is cheap when you consider the value of your own life.
01:11 Cars can be fixed but people can't.
01:13 You may want also want to consult with a professional driving coach at your local racetrack as part of improving your driving.
01:20 They will be able to help you by setting a reference lap as discussed inside this course and we'll also be able to help you apply the lessons from this course as they relate to your car and the track you're driving at.