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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Step 2: Set Reference Lap

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Step 2: Set Reference Lap


00:00 So now's the time to set the reference lap and reference lap behaviour that you want for this circuit.
00:04 So if you've got a previous reference lap you've used for this track for this car, this is the time to send it to the logger.
00:10 So we went through that in the logger setup, I showed you where it was, how to do that in the MoTeC configuration software, it's also the time to configure the reference lap reset behaviour, so whether you want that reference lap to stay in there and to be locked in there regardless or whether you want it to be updated if you go ahead and set a faster lap on that time on track, now's the time to do that.
00:31 You also want to go through and define the new logging directory.
00:34 So if you're heading, particularly if you're heading to a new track but even if it's a different event from the same track you ran at last time, you want to make sure you update your logging directory.
00:42 So remember we talked about in the course the way you'll often be setting out your logging directory is you'll have the location, so the track and then the season and then below that the event.
00:54 So you want to make sure all of your logged data is set up to be sent to the correct directory when you do your first download.
01:00 Otherwise it's really easy when the car comes in and it's all a big panic to get the car downloaded and you're in the middle of a session, it's really easy to send that logged data to the wrong directory which will obviously make it very difficult to find if you're looking in the correct directory later on.
01:14 Before I get the car loaded up this is also a time to do all the zeroing of your sensors so a lot of the sensors, it'll make sense while the car's on the setup patch, other sensors won't need to be zeroed.
01:24 You also want to go through and just check all the sensors are nominally reading correctly.
01:30 So make sure things like the temperatures, if the car hasn't been running that all of those temperatures are going to be pretty close to ambient temperature.
01:36 Make sure all of the position values all look sensible, it's just a case of a basic sensor check to make sure it looks like all of your sensors are nominally reading correct values.
01:46 Before heading to the track it's also a really good idea to have a bit of a review of the data of the last time you ran at that track, just to refamiliarise yourself with what the data looks like, the shape of the speed trace, I find this is really helpful because when you're used to looking at data from a certain circuit, even from that shape of the speed trace, you'll get used to knowing which part of the track that relates to.
02:08 It's also a good chance to look at the fastest lap from last time, the fastest lap compared to your reference lap or maybe that's going to be your reference lap from last time, just have a little bit of a look through the features to understand what your braking was like, understanding your accelerator use and your traction circle exploitation was.
02:25 It's just a chance to get the brain working again, have a good look at that data and make sure you're as familiar as possible so when you do do the first download of the day and you're reviewing that data, you've already got a little bit of a head start because you're not looking at that data from that track fresh again.
02:39 So I just want to give you guys a demo of exactly how we make a reference lap from the i2 software.
02:46 So I will go through the i2 software in a lot more detail in a following step but for now I just want to show you quickly how you generate that reference lap.
02:53 Let's say if you've got previous data and you want to make a reference lap that you're going to use at the next event.
02:58 So over here on my laptop screen I've got i2's software open here which is just the data analysis software that you use for MoTeC data.
03:04 So if we go to the file tab, I've got my, I should say first, I've got the lap open that I want to use so you'll see here in the data section I've got 2 of the, I've got the data selected here so I can go through and select different laps from either of the runs I want to use.
03:23 If I want to use this lap here, I can have it selected so it automatically zoomed to that section of that lap.
03:28 And file, create reference lap, and it's as simple as pressing create here and it'll save that lap to a position on my computer and as we went through in the configuration part of the, for the logger, I showed you there where you could upload that reference lap, this is where we generate the reference lap to upload into the logger later.