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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Step 3: Download Logged Data

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Step 3: Download Logged Data


00:00 - The next step happens after we've run the car on track for the first session and the first thing we want to go do is check all the reliability channels before we go into getting into any of the driver or vehicle analysis.
00:12 So the first part of that is obviously downloading the data, so we'll do that now over on my laptop screen.
00:18 So here I'm plugged into the car already and I've got the logger switched on.
00:23 So it's as simple as coming up to the get logged data button, clicking that.
00:26 And as it unloads everything from the logger into my computer.
00:35 So now this is where it's asking me whether I want to clear the logging memory which I do.
00:41 This is where I can come and fill out all of the details for the logged data that I've just downloaded so let's pretend this is all correct, this is for the first round of the sprint series for 2021.
00:52 This is, I'm going to say practice 1 and I'm going to say this is the first download of the day and just going to say new tyres...
01:02 ...roaded in this run.
01:07 Now I'm going to come in here and obviously all this would have been selected before, it would be correct, I would have already set this correctly for my logger and I'm going to come down here and correctly select the right driver.