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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Steering Angle

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Steering Angle


00:00 - Steering angle understandably tells us exactly what the driver is doing with the steering wheel which can be helpful in conjunction with some other channels in order to diagnose handling issues.
00:11 Either mechanical or driver induced.
00:13 Getting steering angle data however is a little more complex as typically it requires the installation of a rotary position sensor that is belt driven off the steering column.
00:23 Alternatively a linear potentiometer can be directly connected to the steering rack in order to measure the steering angle.
00:30 Either option however requires a reasonable level of work in order to fit the parts and of course this adds to the cost.
00:38 Many modern cars are fitted with steering angle sensors which are part of their ABS and electronic brake force distribution strategies.
00:46 And in some cases, we may be able to retrieve this data over the CAN bus for free.
00:51 This is probably the exception rather than the norm though and as a rule we wouldn't expect this data to be received via the OBD2 communications stream without some work that's beyond the scope of this course.
01:03 While steering angle is nice to have, it's certainly not a must have for the analysis level we'll be looking at.
01:10 And instead it becomes more valuable as your analysis skills grow and as you want to dive deeper into aspects of the car's behaviour.
01:18 One subtle aspect that's important to mention is that there are various ways of calibrating the steering angle data.
01:25 In its simplest form we could look at the angle of the steering wheel from straight ahead and this will at least tell us what the driver is doing with the steering wheel.
01:33 It's actually more useful however to represent steering angle as the degrees that the outside front wheel is turned into the corner.