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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Channel Reports

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Channel Reports


00:00 - As you gain more experience and start adding more channels to your datalogging package, you're going to need to develop a time efficient manner of analysing a lot of data quickly so that you can highlight any potential problems and deal with them.
00:14 One of the tools available to do exactly that is a channel report.
00:18 A channel report will provide us with maximum, minimum and average values for a particular channel either during a single lap or across an entire session comprising of multiple laps.
00:31 This can be a useful way of analysing large amounts of data where you're most interested in looking at maximum or minimum values instead of watching how the channel changes over the course of a lap.
00:42 Channel reports are ideal for monitoring aspects such as engine health which we'll cover in the next module.
00:48 For example here we can use a channel report to show us instantly what our minimum oil pressure was even during a full race.
00:56 Scrolling through time/distance plots for each lap of a long race, to find where your minimum oil pressure was is going to be time consuming at best.
01:04 And it's also easy to actually miss a key segment of data when doing this.
01:08 Using a channel report we can instead analyse the full race in a single report and instantly see which lap saw our minimum and maximum values.
01:18 If this raises any concerns we can then go directly to the lap of interest and find out what the circumstances were using a time/distance plot.
01:27 The other advantage with a channel report is that we collate all the data we're interested in in one place.
01:34 This means we can scan all the channels related to something like engine health in a few instances and decide if there's anything to be concerned about.
01:42 Time is almost always a precious commodity at the racetrack and a channel report can be a useful tool to cut down on our analysis time.
01:51 We do need to be mindful of the limitations of what a channel report can show us though.
01:55 For example if we're using a channel report to analyse engine temperatures then we can easily end up being mislead by a channel report showing us a peak value that's occurred as a result of a pitstop when the car has been stationary with no airflow for some period of time.