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EFI Tuning Fundamentals: Furthering Your Knowledge

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Furthering Your Knowledge


00:00 - Tuning is a science, and this course has provided you with the knowledge to understand what's going on inside the engine, and the ECU.
00:07 And this knowledge is what will make you a better tuner.
00:10 Like any skill, tuning is part theory, and part practical, and the next step of your journey, will be to put these new skills into use, and begin building up your practical experience.
00:20 To help you in this aim, we offer our Practical Standalone and Practical Reflash Tuning courses, which take you through the process of applying this theory, to a real tuning job.
00:30 To a novice, tuning your first car can be a daunting task, and often it's hard to know where to start.
00:37 Our practical courses make it easy for you to jump in and start tuning, with our simple and easy-to-follow step by step process which breaks the job of tuning down into bite-size tasks.
00:48 Each individual task in its own right, is quite quick and straightforward to complete, and in no time, you'll find you've got a completely tuned engine, that offers great performance and reliability.
00:59 Most importantly though, this process will make sure that you don't overlook any critical steps, that may waste time, and potentially result in damage to your expensive engine.
01:09 The other course that I'd strongly recommend you consider, is our Understanding Air Fuel Ratio course.
01:14 This covers in detail, how the air fuel ratio affects many aspects of the way the engine operates.
01:21 This is a valuable addition to your tuning knowledge, and takes you through a practical, step-by-step process of testing, and evaluating, exactly what air fuel ratio is right for your particular engine, and application.
01:32 Purchasing this course has also given you access to our online community, which consists of our webinars, and our private forums.
01:41 We run regular webinars that focus on a specific aspects of EFI tuning.
01:45 You can attend these live, and have the opportunity to ask questions, and get answers, in real time, or, if you can't watch live then you can still check out the recorded version in our webinar archive.
01:56 This is an invaluable resource and covers a wide range of tuning material in detail.
02:02 There's currently hundreds of hours of existing content in our webinar archive.
02:06 Our forums are the perfect place to ask any specific tuning questions you may have, that aren't answered in our course material.
02:13 I'll be there, along with a number of respected industry professionals, and our other HPA members and tutors to help answer your questions.
02:21 The forums and our webinars are the best way to fast-track your learning, and I urge you to get involved.
02:27 Our mission, as High Performance Academy, is to share accurate tuning information with enthusiasts, the world over.
02:34 We want to thank you for helping us get one step closer to this aim.
02:38 We believe that education is the key to getting the best results from your EFI system, and I'm hoping that you'll share this passion.

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