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EFI Tuning Fundamentals: How to Use This Course

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How to Use This Course


00:00 - This course is presented via individual video modules that focus on the concepts you need to understand in order to build a thorough knowledge of engine operation and EFI tuning.
00:10 Even though you may already feel that you have a thorough understanding of engine operation or EFI tuning, I'd urge you to start by watching this course in its entirety.
00:21 There are a number of subtle concepts, tips, and tricks that are presented throughout the course that make up what I consider to be essential tuning knowledge for any tuner in this industry.
00:32 Once you've watched this course from start to finish, it's very easy to find and rewatch any modules that you need to understand better.
00:39 This is particularly handy when you want to focus on a specific concept or lesson while tuning.
00:45 This course is theory-based, and while it does include plenty of examples and demonstrations performed on the dyno, it doesn't cover how to use a dyno to tune your car.
00:55 Now that you've purchased this course, it's yours for life, and you can rewatch it as many times as you want.
01:02 While we've tried to cover every concept we felt was important, you may still have other questions that come up or concepts that you want explained more thoroughly.
01:11 This course also includes gold membership, which gives you a subscription to our online community, and here you'll find our forum.
01:20 This is the perfect place to ask any technical questions you may have.
01:24 If you do have questions or comments, you'll find a form below each video module that let's you quickly create a discussion in our forum.
01:33 Asking your questions here means that all of our other members can benefit from the discussion too.

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