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EFI Tuning Fundamentals: Introduction

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00:00 - I'm Andre from the High Performance Academy and I'd like to welcome you to our EFI Tuning Fundamentals Course.
00:06 This course will give you the knowledge and skills to fast track your EFI tuning and avoid costly mistakes.
00:13 You'll learn to tune engines faster, more accurately and with better results.
00:18 The skills you'll learn can be applied to any EFI system or engine.
00:23 These are universal concepts that aren't specific to a certain brand or a certain platform.
00:29 Traditionally the EFI tuning field has been shrouded in mystery and secrecy.
00:34 And most of those who are good at it would like to have you believe that it's some kind of god-given ability or gift, that you either have or you don't.
00:42 Well I'm here to show you that there's nothing magical or difficult about EFI tuning.
00:48 It simply requires a particular set of skills which I'm going to teach you in this course.
00:53 With a solid foundation of basic engine operating principles as well as an understanding of how the EFI computer works, you'll already be well ahead of many established tuners.
01:05 EFI tuning is often a difficult field to get into though.
01:09 With limited training available until recently most tuners have learned through guesswork, trial and error and many damaged engines.
01:18 Many of these tuners still lack a complete understanding of engine tuning principles.
01:23 Maybe they know that they need to press a certain button to get a specific result, but they don't know why.
01:29 This is a time consuming and a potentially dangerous approach to tuning an expensive engine.
01:35 Knowing the proper principles will allow you to tune faster and safer with better results.
01:42 This course will give you the correct approach to tuning any engine.
01:46 You'll learn how to extract maximum power, while ensuring reliability.
01:50 How to choose the correct ignition timing.
01:53 How to decide what air fuel ratio to use.
01:56 And how to approach any tuning job from start to finish.
02:00 Regardless whether you're a complete novice or you're already an experienced tuner, we guarantee you'll benefit from this course or we'll refund your money.
02:09 Before we move on I want to take a moment to deal with one of the most common questions we get about this course.
02:16 Will it help me tune my supercharged LS3 using HP tuners? Or, is this course relevant to tuning my Honda B16A using a Hondata S300? Or any other combination of engine and ECU that you may personally be interested in.
02:32 I'll just reiterate now that, yes, this course is 100% relevant to you.
02:38 It doesn't matter whether you're tuning a stand-alone, aftermarket ECU or you're reflashing the stock ECU that came in your car.
02:46 This course discusses concepts such as fuel delivery and ignition timing and these concepts apply equally to every ECU and engine.
02:56 Of course each particular ECU will have their own approach to adjusting these parameters but the principals remain the same.
03:03 It also doesn't matter if your engine has four cylinders, six cylinders or eight cylinders, whether it's naturally aspirated, supercharged, turbo charged or even running nitrus oxide.
03:15 Many of our dyno demonstrations will use naturally aspirated engines and we often get asked how this relates to a turbo charged motor.
03:23 The answer is, it's no different.
03:25 An engine using forced induction responds to fuel and ignition in exactly the same way as a naturally aspirated one.
03:33 However, the air fuel ratio we choose and the ignition advance are likely to be quite different and this course will help you to understand why.
03:42 In short, regardless what engine you're tuning, what ECU it's fitted with and whether it's naturally aspirated or forced induction, this course will be an invaluable asset to improving your knowledge.
03:54 This course will examine the fundamental principals behind both the way the engine operates and how the EFI system functions and these principals are totally to applicable to every spark ignition, four stroke internal combustion engine and every type of ECU.
04:10 Like any skill, becoming good at EFI tuning is part knowledge and part practise.
04:16 This course will give you the knowledge, techniques and confidence you will require to go out and start tuning in the real world.
04:24 From here, it's your job to put this knowledge into practice.
04:27 Our online community will also be there to help you out along the way if you have questions.

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