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Engine Building Fundamentals: Conclusion

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00:00 - So at this point, you should have a solid understanding of the fundamental principals involved in preparing, measuring, and assembling a high performance engine.
00:09 If you've followed this course from start to finish, you'll now have the ability to use precision measuring equipment to check and confirm dimensions and clearances, and understand what those dimensions mean, and how they'll affect the reliability and performance of your engine.
00:26 Just as importantly, you'll now have a solid understanding of what machining operations will be required for a typical engine project, and you'll be able to speak the same language as the engine machinist you used for this work.
00:40 Following on from this course is our practical engine building course, which will take the fundamentals you've now learned, and show you how to apply these to actually build an engine.
00:51 This course will also provide you with an easy to follow step-by-step process that you can apply to any engine building project regardless whether you're building a V8, an inline 4-cylinder, or a horizontally opposed engine.
01:07 As with all of our practical courses, this course will include a number of worked examples, which document the engine building process being applied to a range of different engines.
01:17 So that you can follow along and watch each step.